Kernel Status Update (1 December)

First off, I haven’t stopped working on kernels.  I’ve been working on a brand new source tree.  I started with the HTC Incredible MR3 source, added in support for the Evo and Bravo.  Then started taking the source tree as close to the mainline kernel as possible.  After doing that, I’ve patched it up to, and for those of you that do kernel work, THERE WERE NO REJECTS, only about 5 or 6 patches that had offsets.

The benchmarks are amazing, under Incubus’ port of Myn’s 2.2 RLS4, I was scoring 1400-1450 in Quad, 59 in FPS2D, and 29 in NeoCore.  Last night, I flashed IncredibleDoes’ Desire Z port, since the camera is working now, and I’m getting 1550-1600 Quad, 59 FPS2D, and 29 in NeoCore.  Now all of this is WITHOUT ANY TWEAKS, ok there are 2, I patched the Evo FPS tweak, doesn’t effect me, and the SD Card speedup, which is actually from the mainline code, so I’m not really counting that.

Now that I have that nice and stable, I’m starting to implement some of the new improvements from the glacier source tree, I’ve had many failed builds, so I’m slowly implementing those features.  The main ones I’m focusing on are the newer GPU drivers, the ACPU freq/voltage via debugfs.  Also in the newer glacier code, they’ve removed the efuse code from the acpuclock-scorpion.c.

I’m not sure when I’ll be finished with all of this, but I do need some beta testers, the kernel has currently been tested on all three platforms, but since I’ve finally have stable code, and I’m going to be adding more, I need more testers.  Unlike the other kernels I’ve put out, I’m taking this one slow and testing at every step.  As soon as I get all the glacier patches in there, then I’ll start on the other performance patches.



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  2. Ping from Matt:

    I would like to beta test your kernel.

  3. Ping from Scotty:

    Could you make a CFS version as well? I don’t know how hard this would be but IMO CFS is way more stable and smooth than BFS, even if it doesn’t do as well on Quadrant. You are the man ziggy, thanks for everything you do!

  4. Ping from daftlush:


  5. Ping from billfnbragg:

    I will gladly be a tester for you ziggy my evo is ready and willing!

  6. Ping from khanam:

    Count me in. Been a big supporter of your kernels. Have an inc.

  7. Ping from james_pnut:

    Im down for some testing for the inc. Been a big supporter of yours for a while now since king kind of turned his back on the inc. Started up a post on xda in general for your kernels. Follow your webpage for like couple months now.

  8. Ping from Chris:

    I’d gladly beta test for you! DInc.

  9. Ping from Bigbiff:

    I am always ready to beta test. Do you hasn’t smartass in this build?

  10. Ping from Andrew:

    I’ll test for you as well, SkyRaider on a DInc.

  11. Ping from Steve:

    I’ll test whatever you put out there. Shoot me an email or hit me up on gtalk.

  12. Ping from GEE:

    Anyway to modify the bitpool for Bluetooth A2DP in the Kernel?

  13. Ping from Mo:

    I can test as well

  14. Ping from chew:

    I wana test out too! Dinc on desire z rom.

  15. Ping from sturmen:

    I’ll test, too, bro.
    Evo 4G, Warm TwoPointTwo RLS 4

  16. Ping from andrew8806:

    If you need a tester, I’d be glad to help test.

    Device: Droid Inc.
    Rom: Warm TwoPointTwo RLS4
    Current Kernel: Ziggy’s 11/24/2010 Kernel

  17. Ping from OtisFeelgood:

    I’ll test it for my evo. I’ll be in #htc-evo or hit me up on gtalk(otisfeelgood at gmail dot com).

  18. Ping from Jarrett:

    Hey, my SLCD Inc and I are willing to test. I regularly switch between Sense Roms and CM6. Just let me know.

  19. Ping from PhilE:

    Hey, I have an Incredible running a sense ROM (Warm TwoPointTwo RLS4) and I’d be happy to beta test this Kernel when it’s ready for testing. 🙂

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