New Site, New Look, New Features

Posted September 18, 2012 By Ziggy471

First off, sorry for being almost completely absent in the past months. I’m getting ready to retire from the US Air Force, and decided it was time to buckle down and finally finish my degree.  Last term I completed 20 classes for 65 credits and have already completed 2 classes for 10 credits, and another […]

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Mecha GB Kernel (5 Nov 2011)

Posted November 11, 2011 By Ziggy471

Alright, actually had this in testing for a few days now, meant to already release it, but have been sleeping more than anything recently, got rear-ended the other day, and doc put me on Flexeril 3-times a day.  🙁 Changelog: Added smartassV2 md5sum: 94aa4309a98627d34d7b061b5a88d783 Download: Click here to download

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Mecha GB Kernel (29 Oct 2011)

Posted October 29, 2011 By Ziggy471

Ziggy471’s MECHA GB Sense Kernel DISCLAIMER: I’m not responsible for you blowing up your phone or you loosing your job/wife/dog/truck/car/hair/mind/sleep. Changelog (29 Oct 11): HTC Mecha GB MR 2.6.38 Automatic process group scheduling lagfree governor with a fully working sysf interface Backported ck3 BCM Bluetooth Low Power Mode Almost all debugging and tracing turned off […]

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New kernels coming today

Posted October 29, 2011 By Ziggy471

I’m getting ready to release both ThunderBolt and 3D kernels tonight. Source is also ready to go live, only thing I’m waiting on right now is some testing during the day. So stay tuned. EDIT: I also have Evo-4G ready to go too. Z

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Beta Kernels 10 Apr 11

Posted April 10, 2011 By Ziggy471

Alright, did a lot of work this morning, so I decided to get something released tonight. This will probably be my last release for the time being, I have other things I need to get done. All: Lowered Wi-Fi voltages cpufreq interactive governor: fix crash on CPU shutdown MECHA: Fixed the sysfs interface for VDD, […]

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Since I keep getting asked how to use the sysfs interfaces I have built into my kernel, I decided to do post on just those items. If you would like a more detailed explanation of sysfs, refer to I’ve done a write-up on the VDD, smartass, and cpufreq sysfs interfaces. I also included a […]

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Beta MECHA Kernel 6 Apr 11

Posted April 6, 2011 By Ziggy471

I guess something got messed up in the release on 4 Apr, the proximity sensor wasn’t working correctly. I had just re-done my entire source tree, I decided to rebase so that I could move an older patch forward, and wasn’t paying attention to what I was doing, so I messed things up. No big […]

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Beta MECHA Kernel 4 Apr 11

Posted April 4, 2011 By Ziggy471

Alright, been a little busy working on the kernel for the ThunbderBolt recently. It’s getting closer to being integrated with Frankenstine, EVO/INC/BRAVO. However, since I needed to do some upgrades to the base before moving it in with the others, I decided to release some interim builds. Changelog: Updated base to Added BFS version […]

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Alpha – Almost Beta ThunderBolt Kernel 2 Apr 11

Posted April 2, 2011 By Ziggy471

Alright, decided to get a ThunderBolt on Wednesday, wanted to be grandfathered into the unlimited data plan. So I decided to put together a kernel for my newly rooted phone. Don’t worry, I still plan to work on the Frankenstine releases, EVO/INC/BRAVO. Eventually, I will get Mecha integrated into the same tree, it’ll make my […]

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Beta Kernel 18 Mar 11

Posted March 19, 2011 By Ziggy471

I decided to update the kernels to the latest mainline kernel version. So far it’s running good on mine and others, not really that big of a change, but I didn’t want to fall behind again. I planned on posting this earlier, but since I’m in Colorado right now, it’s still before midnight. lol Changelog: […]

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