Ziggy471 Kernels INC/Bravo/EVO (Updated 24 Nov)

Sorry for not posting this last night, ended up falling asleep on the couch right after diner.
Also, still no AOSP, I’ll work on that over the long weekend.

Updated the HTC addons to Incredible MR3
Tweaked the conservative governor to 50K sampling instead of 200K
Tweaked the smartass governor
Disabled 802.11n, the speed increase wasn’t that much and the power draw was too much
Enabled 128MHz by request

Of course, it’s still OCd, UVd, BFS357, ck2.

420084966546862152ae45d48dfa306a Ziggy471Kernel-BRAVO-update_signed-11232010-1343.zip
88d6587af99605b1984fa7cd1f90e379 Ziggy471Kernel-EVO-update_signed-11242010-0506.zip
9021b228d878dc142ab0ae558ef2c4f1 Ziggy471Kernel-INC-update_signed-11222010-0554.zip
cdb5f174b1a2a7788a3d2cadc0d397d3 Ziggy471Kernel-BRAVO-update_signed-11242010-0610.zip

[KERNEL] Ziggy471 Bravo 24 Nov (647 downloads)
[KERNEL] Ziggy471 EVO 24 Nov (1877 downloads)
[KERNEL] Ziggy471 Incredible 24 Nov (1101 downloads)
[KERNEL] Ziggy471 Bravo 24 Nov with Batt Fix (821 downloads)


  1. Ping from whatsleft4her:

    Smooth testing battery life today!

  2. Ping from PrfectOne:

    Thanks for listening to my (our) feature requests! Love your kernels.

  3. Ping from d0g:

    Is this the same kernel baked into Myn’s Warm RLS 4?
    Or is this an update?
    How can I check which kernel I’m running?

  4. Ping from PrfectOne:

    Menu -> Settings -> About Phone -> Software Information

    This one reads as mightyrom #23

  5. Ping from marxwasright:

    Yes, defiantly a smooth rom. I’m not getting the OC on EVO though. Any thoughts?

  6. Ping from d0g:

    My kernel version says:
    htc-kernel@and18-2 #17

    This is after flashing Myn Warm RLS 4, which is supposed to have Ziggy “built in”. I’m confused as to whether this is a Ziggy kernel or not.

  7. Ping from generide:

    should we use the Myn Warm Ziggy kernel (which is on the original post) or the latest Ziggy 11/24 for the Evo?

  8. Ping from generide:


    should we use the Myn Warm Ziggy kernel (which is on the original post) or the latest Ziggy 11/24 for the Evo?

    I meant to say the Ziggy Kernel which is listed on the Myn’s original post – it is showing as mighty rom #16

  9. Ping from [ROM] Desire HD ROM komplett im NAND - Seite 2 - Android-Hilfe.de:

    […] [ROM] Desire HD ROM komplett im NAND Hat jemand dieses Rom mit ziggy`s Kernel versucht? __________________ HTC Desire – RCMixHD v0.14b | Radio: Recovery: AmonRA […]

  10. Ping from easybucketz:

    I tried this kernel on my Evo with the RC4 rom and it keeps restarting my phone am i doing something wrong. I wiped cache and dalvik then flashed the kernel.

  11. Ping from m1l4droid:

    Just flashed your kernel on my RCMixHD running Desire, and it’s become much faster!! Great work!

  12. Ping from BackYardSpecial:

    Just tried to flash this kernel instead of the stock HTC kernel built into Warm RLS4 on evo. Phone reboots about every 5 mins. Any remedy?

  13. Ping from larry:

    Hi we need a kernel for the new 2.3.3 sense evo rom. your cfs kernel works great but the camera white screens but the camera still works

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