Beta Kernels 10 Apr 11

Alright, did a lot of work this morning, so I decided to get something released tonight. This will probably be my last release for the time being, I have other things I need to get done.

Lowered Wi-Fi voltages
cpufreq interactive governor: fix crash on CPU shutdown

Fixed the sysfs interface for VDD, forgot one line when I changed freq_table to dynamic
Have not found the issue with the Prox Sensor yet
Have the HAVS code in there, but get non-booters as of right now, still working on it

Updated to mainline

Added kernel support for HDMwIn

If you’re having issues with random reboots on BRAVO/EVO/INC, disable 128MHz, it appears that not every phone can handle it correctly. For those on the MECHA, I’m attaching an init script that I’m using to lower voltages, it’s saving quite a bit of power. Place it in /system/etc/init.d, and make sure it’s set executable. Also, if you notice, it’s already setup for HAVS, so as soon as I get that working, it can still be used.

Ztest-BRAVO-BFS-041011 (875 downloads)
Ztest-BRAVO-BFS-HAVS-041011 (739 downloads)
Ztest-BRAVO-CFS-041011 (727 downloads)
Ztest-BRAVO-CFS-HAVS-041011 (740 downloads)
Ztest-EVO-BFS-041011 (885 downloads)
Ztest-EVO-BFS-HAVS-041011 (729 downloads)
Ztest-EVO-CFS-041011 (701 downloads)
Ztest-EVO-CFS-HAVS-041011 (1149 downloads)
Ztest-INC-BFS-041011 (674 downloads)
Ztest-INC-BFS-HAVS-041011 (1248 downloads)
Ztest-INC-CFS-041011 (585 downloads)
Ztest-INC-CFS-HAVS-041011 (690 downloads)
Ztest-MECHA-BFS-041011-0922-test (820 downloads)
Ztest-MECHA-CFS-041011-0922-test (710 downloads)
MECHA vdd init script (1701 downloads)




  1. Ping from Slice:

    How do I place the init script in that directory. Root explorer? Is HAVS working with and without this script?

    • Ping from Ziggy471:

      If you have a TB, then no HAVS yet, but the script would work either way.

      Yes, Root Explorer, ES File Manager, QtADB, adb, etc.. can put the file there for you.

      ADB (My preference):
      1. adb push 99vddlevels /system/etc/init.d/
      2. adb shell chmod 755 /system/etc/init.d/99vddlevels
      3. adb reboot

  2. Ping from Android freakkk:

    Are you going to add the FPS uncapped unlock like Adrynalyne did eventually in your kernel? That seems like a cool feature.

  3. Ping from houseboatwayne:

    Do I save 99vddlevels as a txt or sh file? How do I tell if script is controlling the kernal? I understand how to do the rest.


    • Ping from Ziggy471:

      File extensions don’t really matter much in ‘Nix.

      To see what it’s done, you can cat /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/vdd_levels, that will show you the current vdd table. If you do that before and after implementing the script, or manually running it, you’ll see the change.

  4. Ping from mbh87:

    I have to keep manually mounting my sd card as r/w, is that something caused by the kernel? I tried wiping, formatting the card, etc.

  5. Ping from detox246:


    Do I save 99vddlevels as a txt or sh file? How do I tell if script is controlling the kernal? I understand how to do the rest.

    just fyi, i pushed as a txt file but had to remove the .txt in root explorer for it to execute

  6. Ping from Tim85:

    How do you go about disabling the 128mhz?

  7. Ping from Amaar:

    Ziggy the only reason one would have to disable 128mhz is, if one sets it themselves manually for example in a profile for SETCPU for when the screen turns off? I can’t seem to figure out what your min freq is for smartass (can’t check “cat /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/scaling_min_freq” cause i am running setcpu at the moment) anyhow i have choosen 24500 for min in SETCPU for all profiles etc. that should stop my phone from crashing as it was on the previous kernel.

    I will be amazed if HDMI is working =] i think its currently broken on all kernels unless you use their custom one

    • Ping from Ziggy471:

      Default values without touching anything are as follows for the EVO/INC/BRAVO:
      Min freq – 128000
      Max freq – 998400
      Smartass Max screen off freq – 245000
      Smartass sleep wakeup – 998400

      Smartass doesn’t have a min screen off freq, it uses the scaling_min_freq. If you want to actually see the min and max overall, not set by a policy, look at cpuinfo_min_freq and cpuinfo_max_freq.

  8. Ping from cabagekiller:

    Liking the new kernel ziggy. What exactly is HAVS though? It looks like to me it allows the voltage to vary some to ensure stability. and your current rom is awesome especially with the init.d tweak you gave us.

  9. Ping from cabagekiller:

    bah. this kernel is causing me to crash a lot now :/

    • Ping from Ziggy471:

      What are your settings, freqs and govs? I’m running stock mostly, I’m still playing with the voltage levels, that’s why the script. And I occasionally overclock to 1.53, but rarely, and when I do, I just do it manually via sysfs.

      • Ping from cabagekiller:

        I tried many varying freqs and governors but it happens randomly. So I took your 99vdd levels and added some voltage to each step to see if that solves it. and I usually only go up to 1300 but i keep it at 1228 mostly.

        • Ping from cabagekiller:

          OK, it appears my phone likes all the way up to the 1500 range, but after that the VDD doesn’t allow me to change the voltages and it just crashes right there. but it is running much smoother now that I modified it some. Only wish there was an app for it.

  10. Ping from Andrew53517:

    Newest updated is causing extreme heat and reboots 🙁 had to revert back to the old one :/

  11. Ping from detox246:

    I’m running at 1.2 with init script and ran 5 quadrants followed by 15 minutes of angry birds while charging and my temp was at 99*. to me thats not too bad. I’ve had my dx and d1 much higher than that

  12. Ping from Chris:

    Silly question, but whats the difference between the BFS and CFS links?

  13. Ping from Strobe:

    All the downloads I’ve tried give me a 404 ?

  14. Ping from detox246:


    All the downloads I’ve tried give me a 404 ?

    all downloads have been shut down

  15. Ping from Paul:

    Ziggy you fixed sysfs VDD. Works Great!. I love this kernel. One problem though and its kind of weird. When in a call and i remove my phone from my ear 75% of the time the phone screen still stays blank (black).. i have refleashed to a different kernel on the same rom without this issue? any ideas….

  16. Ping from detox246:

    if you need more private testers i am willing to help out. BFS has givin me the best battery life to date on my bolt and would prefer to use your kernels over any others. thanks again z! can’t wait to run your kernels on some aosp roms!

  17. Ping from Tom Holowach:

    Ziggy: I tried to install your Beta Kernel 10 Apr 11 BFS through the new Kernel Manager. It fails. Shinzul says you need to update the kernel to include the flash_image binary. Thanks!

  18. Ping from Amaar:

    I have tried all the recent kernels for the EVO all randomly boot, even though i manually set the CPU to min of 245..using adb or Setcpu. Is there a way to catch what is causing the reboots?? Would alogcat capture it, it seems to reset the log after a reboot. BTW phone seems to reboot not while idle rather under load ex: launching Pulse app. Otherwise the kernel is so speedy compared to others, its a shame its having these reboots. = ziggy i hope you can fix it please(when you have the time). I really prefer your kernels over others and i have donated. Thanks! =]

  19. Ping from Amaar:

    Just an update if anyone cares, been running the beta kernel ztest-EVO-CFS-HAVS-041011 and it seems as long as i stay away from the Pulse app the phone isn’t rebooting any longer. So i am happy and HMDI out is working also. Thanks Ziggy!

  20. Ping from Shawn:

    Will these kernels work with any of the gingerbread leaks?

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