Beta MECHA Kernel 4 Apr 11

Alright, been a little busy working on the kernel for the ThunbderBolt recently. It’s getting closer to being integrated with Frankenstine, EVO/INC/BRAVO. However, since I needed to do some upgrades to the base before moving it in with the others, I decided to release some interim builds.

Updated base to
Added BFS version 363
Tweaked Smartass slightly
Opened up the top end to 1.8GHz, a couple are stable there, but I need a bigger test group
Upped the max voltage slightly, I think all the higher frequencies need is a little more cowbell

Since some of you live and breath by Quaddrant scores, here’s my results.
ROM: Das BAMF 1.3.2
Kernel: 040411 BFS
Speed: 1.8 GHz
Governor: Performance
Provided By: imneveral0ne

ROM: Das BAMF 1.2
Kernel: 040411 BFS
Speed: 1.536GHz
Governor: Smartass
Provided By: Ziggy471



Beta Kernel MECHA BFS 4 Apr 11 (948 downloads)
Beta Kernel MECHA CFS 4 Apr 11 (743 downloads)


  1. Ping from imneveral0ne:

    Awesome kernel! Easily the best one out ^_^

  2. Ping from imneveral0ne:

    i got a fever….
    and the only prescription….
    is more COWBELL!

  3. Ping from billfnbragg:

    What phone is this for?

  4. Ping from Slice:

    Great kernel. Just rooted my thunderbolt and went straight to your kernel after having the incredible and using your those kernels. So far so good. Overclocked to 1.8 ghz. Any recommendations for a good, clean, fast rom for the thunderbolt. Thanks

    • Ping from Ziggy471:

      Currently I’m running Das BAMF 1.2, it was the best one I found the night I rooted. Haven’t really tried many others, been too busy on the kernel, but I’ve been told that BAMF 1.3.2 is pretty good.

  5. Ping from Nikolai:

    I’m trying the CFS one, and my phone won’t wake after 10 seconds are so, have to do a battery pull OC to 1.8, but i know the phone can handle it.

  6. Ping from Nikolai:

    Alright well I know my phone can handle 1.4 as I’m running it from a different kernel right now. I haven’t tried anything in between though

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  8. Ping from imneveral0ne:

    phones been running great all day. watched a bunch of shows in the car with my niece while we were running errands and i was watching her and was using GPS while going from place to place. when i got home i had over 60 percent battery left and was gone for at least 4-5 hours. loving this kernel!

  9. Ping from jasoraso:

    locked up when I tried 1.8 …. couldn’t even get out of setcpu ….

    1.4 was working great for the hour I tried it before 1.8 …

  10. Ping from cmotion:

    Ziggy, which kernel do you find more stable? BFS or CFS?

  11. Ping from Slice:

    Ive overclocked to 1.8 but am only seen quad scores around 2500. How did you get 3000.

  12. Ping from cabagekiller:

    upper voltages from like above 1.3 for me are unstable.

  13. Ping from 52brandon:

    I stand corrected. I just turned mine up to 1.8 and set performance and hit 3332 on the cfs kernel. Wow

  14. Ping from Slice:

    just to let you know. I tried leanKernel v5 overclocked to 1.92ghz and was stable. are you planning on adding this frequency to your kernels, are you also planning on adding HAVS and all the other tweaks that were in the Incredible Kernels

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  16. Ping from tommyboy:

    Have you fixed the bug where the phone won’t come out of sleep after a phone call?

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