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Re-Arrange MightyROM Start Menu

Posted March 22, 2010 By Ziggy471

Update 2: Fixed the bluetooth icon, thanks tjElite.

Update 1: Updated the cab with new icons by gadget1 for FDC TaskMan and Regedit, and fixed the G-Sensor icon reg settings, thanks MordyT and tjElite.  There is also an update cab for those who already have it installed.

Since Mike has opted for the default Start Menu layout, and not the layout I’ve come to love, I’ve come up with a cab to re-arrange the start menu to somewhat close to what it used to be.

As of right now, here is the only limitation:
It cannot be uninstalled.

This also installs all the original MightyROM icons and folders we have all become accustom to.

Drawbacks? Yeah there is one, not all icons are exactly where they used to be, they are in the correct sub-menu, but may not be in the exact same place. This only holds true for a few icons.

One last request, please only refer people to the post on PPCG, this post, or the direct link, as it will be hosted here. Mike and I prefer doing things this way so we can track our downloads easier.

Of course, have to show a screen-shot, dis-regard My Mobiler:

Also as promised, here’s the download link:
Ziggy471's Re-Arrange MightyROM Start Menu (2549 downloads)

Ziggy471's Re-Arrange MightyROM Start Menu Update (828 downloads)


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