Beta Kernel 12 Mar 11

As promised, here’s a newer kernel for all to test. During the private beta, we’ve had a couple of random reboots and a couple lock ups, but nothing else major.


Updated to

Doesn’t sound like much, but that includes 408 commits of bugfixes and improvements to the mainline kernel


sysfs VDD changes take effect immediately on SVS now
Wifi driver updated slightly from newer HTC sources



Beta Kernel BRAVO BFS 12 Mar 11 (401 downloads)
Beta Kernel BRAVO BFS HAVS 12 Mar 11 (326 downloads)
Beta Kernel BRAVO CFS 12 Mar 11 (334 downloads)
Beta Kernel BRAVO CFS HAVS 12 Mar 11 (335 downloads)
Beta Kernel EVO BFS 12 Mar 11 (421 downloads)
Beta Kernel EVO BFS HAVS 12 Mar 11 (425 downloads)
Beta Kernel EVO CFS 12 Mar 11 (516 downloads)
Beta Kernel EVO CFS HAVS 12 Mar 11 (683 downloads)
Beta Kernel INC BFS 12 Mar 11 (419 downloads)
Beta Kernel INC BFS HAVS 12 Mar 11 (622 downloads)
Beta Kernel INC CFS 12 Mar 11 (381 downloads)
Beta Kernel INC CFS HAVS 12 Mar 11 (462 downloads)


  1. Ping from Zach:

    Are those ALL the changes? Just changed the base and a few minor tweaks? Just curious, trying out the BFS/HAVS for the Inc now, can’t wait!

  2. Ping from Tim85:

    Ziggy you are the man, going to test this out right now. Glad to hear that you’re doing great, family always comes first. Its good that you haven’t forgotten about us also. Thanks Zig

  3. Ping from billfnbragg:

    Running great on my evo using the bfs havs kernel, its doing a good job so far. We shall see what it does when i have a full charge.

  4. Ping from Zach:

    Sets a new standard for kernels. Ultra smooth and after sitting on the charger overnight it doesn’t drop 10% instantly.

  5. Ping from Brian Evers:

    Ziggy – Tried the CFS no havs version on my 0002 EVO and it seemed to be running fine until all of the sudden it rebooted while it was just sitting there with the screen off. I was using the Conservative governor set with OS Monitor. The last kernals you made that were stable with my phone were the December 2010 builds. All of the 2011 builds cause rebooting on my phone. Do you think you could make just an EVO based kernel to try out like you did for Calkulin instead of one drawing sources from three different phones?


    • Ping from Ziggy471:

      Actually, I have source from 8 different trees for these kernels, Bravo/Evo/Inc/Ace/Glacier/Legend/Shift/Vision, not to mention I moved the source as close to mainline as possible. Everything was fine until I included the MR3 crap in there. I’ll eventually figure out what the issue is, so bare with me.

      The kernel I did for Calk was a plain MR3 with just a couple patches, kind of boring and not much of a challenge to do. Not saying that I couldn’t do that, but the whole point of what I’m trying to do now is make my life easier by combing the trees into one. I’ve also changed how I compile them too, I’m using separate output directories for each kernel, but the same source tree. What this means is that if I do a simple change to the source, I don’t have to do clean compiles for each kernel, which would take about 2 hours 40 minutes. However, the biggest advantage is that I only have one source tree to maintain instead of three.

  6. Ping from Coiledwire:


    Do you have plans to incorporate SBC into any of your evo builds? Forgive me if this was asked, answered, or in the change logs. I run different capacity batteries, so this is a big feature for me. Your Jan betas ran well on my phone, so I do look forward to having Ziggy + SBC. Thanks for all the work you put into these kernels.

  7. Ping from iknowsquat:

    Coiled-you may want to give this a look-see:

    Hope that answers it for you.

  8. Ping from Coiledwire:

    Thanks for the link to Ziggy’s position. Based on that, I shouldn’t hold my breath for a kernel with a modified battery routine from Ziggy.

    Ziggy, I respect your position in regards to SBC. My thoughts of SBC is slightly different, but that’s what makes our country great. I appreciate your continued development of kernel for the EVO. Thanks!

  9. Ping from Cothek:

    I am having issues with bluetooth not starting…anyone else?

    By the way Ziggy, so far this kernel has amazing battery life and smooth performance. Much appreciated!

  10. Ping from S14baybay:


    I’ve been using your kernals ever since 2010. This is what I can say about them. Droid Incredible AMOLED running Skyraider Athena.

    1) The only kernel I can effectively overclock to 1.19 and have INCREDIBLE stability to boot.

    2) Battery life on Smart*** is ridiculously good. Overnight I lose about 3-5%. That’s without setting anything and letting the governor do its thang.

    3) Smoothness cannot be beat. I’ve tried Chad’s incredikernels, Kingxklick back in the day, hydra, etc… You name it, I’ve tried it, but I’ve always come back to your kernels.

    Thank you for working so hard for the DINC and other droid communities. Your work is making my experience with my phone so much enjoyable.

  11. Ping from shad0w77:

    was working awesome here. Then, realized that Gun Bros w/ this kernel causes my EVO to lock up and reboot. Here is the link to the game: No undervolting here. no OV, no UC. Any ideas? Using the CFS HAVS kernel.

  12. Ping from Philyteach:

    Just wanted to say thanks and I’m glad to hear that everything is okay with you and the family.

  13. Ping from Coiledwire:

    I’ve been running 031211 CFS Havs for a few days and I’ve noticed a strange behavior. Using battery monitor widget, once 100% has been achieved and the phone still plugged into the wall, I see a constant current draw of about -106mA with supplied spikes of 300mA every few minutes.

    Is this a normal behavior? I doubled check the md5 and my copy is correct. And OS monitor isn’t giving kernel errors as far as I can tell, so I assume the install was good too. I have screen shots that I can share if needed.

  14. Ping from Power3dfx:

    Zig havent tested new kernel but will def give try, I like other users have had reboot issues but the perf of ur kernel plus batt life is untouchable.. I had better luck with some of ur older kernels like anothef use mwntioned.. I hopethis new kernel is better.. Finally, I am happy u took time away for urself.. We can survive (not ideal though lol) without u, but ur family cant.. They need u and viceversa.. Appreciate ur work always look frwd for more

  15. Ping from loonatik:

    I tried the CFS HAVS and non-HAVS Incredibly kernel. I saw it noted some are having issues with FC’s and reboots. I did too when I didn’t completely clear the caches. So I cleared them out, reflashed, fixed permissions, and not one problem at all. Definitely have to clear those caches!

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