Beta Kernel 2 Jan 11

Sorry this wasn’t released on New Years Eve, ran into some issues on the INC, and since that’s my phone, it delayed everything.

First off, thanks to my private beta testers, you guys are awesome.  Evo rev 4 hardware is now supported, both cameras work just fine, thanks to Virus for verifying that one.

Bravo has not been tested, my Canadian testers are MIA, probably celebrated the new year too much.

It has been reported that BFS DOES NOT WORK on EVO rev 4, so unless you have success with it, then don’t bother posting.

Evo MR3 updates, both cameras on HW rev 4 work
Sense and AOSP support in all kernels
Misc updates from the EVO MR3
TUN included in the kernel now, no module required
swap enabled
VDD levels expanded to 850-1400, Calkulin wanted to test min voltage at lower clock speeds
NILFS2 compiled in for those that wanted it
More updates from glacier

BETA Kernel Bravo BFS 2 Jan 11 (441 downloads)
BETA Kernel Bravo CFS 2 Jan 11 (539 downloads)
BETA Kernel Evo BFS 2 Jan 11 (538 downloads)
BETA Kernel Evo CFS 2 Jan 11 (1123 downloads)
BETA Kernel Inc BFS 2 Jan 11 (766 downloads)
BETA Kernel Inc CFS 2 Jan 11 (575 downloads)




  1. Ping from bigbiff:

    Any support for SBC?

  2. Ping from jez:

    Hi Ziggy, your new beta kernels lack the power that your old kernels had (28/10-14/11) is there anyway to release a 115*****mhz(MAX). Which runs at full voltage and at Max power. It seems that the beta kernels don’t run apps and games as well as your old ones did.


    • Ping from Ziggy471:

      What’re you talking about, all these kernels can be OCd to 1.22GHz. You really don’t want to OC on boot, some can’t handle above 1.03 or so. So we prevent it from using anything higher than 998 on boot.

      You can OC it using SetCPU, or just echo your freq to the cpufreq sysfs interface I can’t guarantee that 1.22G will work, it’s pretty hit and miss. However, you can run it at 1.15 all day long on majority of the phones.

      Hell, I haven’t OC’d my phone for quite some time now, been running stock 998, and still scoring 1650+ Quad, 36+ Linpack and 60 fps2d.


  3. Ping from billfnbragg:

    Running myn rls 5 nightly was getting a ton of force closes and some lag and freezing!

  4. Ping from billfnbragg:

    The default it was with evo cfs build i flashed it and it was acting funny even rebooted once or twice so i just went back to my stock kernel

  5. Ping from Cavediver:

    I just flashed the EVO cfs version about a half hour ago on Myn’s RLS5 12/31 nightly beta. Running real smooth so far.

  6. Ping from billfnbragg:

    Maybe ill wipe cache and davlik and redownload and try again maybe a bad flash

  7. Ping from Eric:

    My cam again goes up to 3Mpx on HTC Desire RCMix 0.14. What is the problem???

    • Ping from Ziggy471:


      I figured it out. Someone, who will remain nameless, got carried away with moving updated code from the glacier tree into the combined tree. Now that I reverted the camera code back to the bravo source release, it’s working properly.

      The un-named individual will have to suffer without beer tonight…….wait, that’s me, oh well, guess I won’t punish myself.

      I have them built and will get them up tonight.


  8. Ping from

    Well I ran through my normal tests… GPS, camera, etc…

    Been running fine for several hours. Will let you know if something goes south.

    DInc, BFS

  9. Ping from wtf911:

    Ziggy you make great kernels They basically obtain higher performance on a sense ROM then any other. You are as much an innovator of kernels as netarchy pretty much.

    Would adding SBC not further the battery life with your kernel? Would you not then get great 100%-90% AND 90%-5%?

    • Ping from Ziggy471:

      And risk a battery explosion, I don’t think so. If you let a trickle charge continue on a lithium ion battery, the battery degrades, and worse case is explosion.

      I put up a new post explaining it more.

      I get awesome 100-90 times, but I pull the phone off when it goes green, I never charge overnight, etc…..

  10. Ping from VisedMonk:

    Ziggy, yet another GREAT release. My evo runs silky smooth with your kernels. Thanks so much.

    I’m on Calkulin’s EViO 2 v1 7.5 rom and so far it appears that all is working just perfect — camera, front camera gps, wifi, etc. I’ve also flashed Calkulin’s 1.5 undervolt zip along with your latest beta. I will report back if I run into any issues. Thanks again.

  11. Ping from Dustin:

    Hey Ziggy, I just flashed 010211-Inc-CFS. All is well, but I’ve lost 5 point multi-touch, which I’ve had since getting my Inc in late April. I’m down to 2 point now. This is my 1st kernel flash since updating clockworkmod recovery. I’ve seen that some other kernels are loosing multi-touch with the new CWM recovery. Has that been effecting your kernels as well? It’s not a huge deal to me…I only use MT for pinch to zoom. I was just curious. Great kernels! Thanks for all of your hard work!

  12. Ping from Redcat:

    Build: BETA Kernel Evo CFS 2 Jan 11 (98)

    Does this include the audio boost enhancement?

    I could of sworn some of your earlier betas I tried did boost the ear piece volume.


  13. Ping from bjevers:

    Ziggy – Tried the CFS build on my EVO running Myn’s TwoPointTwo. OC to 1152 (which I have done since the summer) and the phone has rebooted on me twice. I was using Miren browser both times when it happened. The whole time I used the 12/19 build I didn’t have a reboot. From the changelog, it looks like the voltages have been lowered when it underclocks. Is that correct? If so, can you make a build with less undervolting?


    • Ping from Ziggy471:

      I only lowered the min voltage possible, I did not touch the tables. Calkulin wanted to test lower voltages, so I decided to include a wider range for him to play with.

      A lot of stuff changed with the new kernel source, and I need to iron some things out. Remember, this is a Frankenstein of INC-MR3/EVO-MR3/Bravo/Glacier/Legend/Ace, so there are bound to be issues.

  14. Ping from bill bragg:

    Ive had the same issue as bjevers

  15. Ping from D Ward:

    Just flashed EVO CFS on Evervolv AOSP (2.3.1). Notice this is build is based on 2.6.32 and I was told for 2.3.1 should try to run a 2.6.35. Honestly don’t know of significant differences other than some USB mounting issues and I thought HTC unifying code for hw versions.

    I wouldn’t mind hearing your thoughts on 32 vs 35 and will report back any issues.

    • Ping from Ziggy471:

      I haven’t started porting anything up yet, I know others have started.

      .32 is what the sense kernels are, all I did was add one pmem entry and enable touchscreen compatible reporting to make AOSP work properly.

    • Ping from D Ward:

      Linpack – 36.882
      Running pretty steady with smartass governor and 245-998. no setcpu profiles – 86% battery with a little over an hour off charger and mild usage. I think I’m caught between sprint towers where I’m at and my signal is bouncing around draining the battery a bit.

  16. Ping from PhilE08:

    Appreciate all your work on these kernels! I starting using the sysfs interface for the VDD levels, it’s a great option to have in there! I’ve been getting great battery live so far, but I wanted to try undervolting it even more. Now I just need to learn how to make a script so I don’t have to do it every reboot.

    Don’t think i’ll be using any other kernels for a while. 🙂

    Been using BFS for the Incredible since you put it out yesterday with no issues so far.

    • Ping from PhilE08:

      I also sent a few bucks your way. It’s not much, but I hope it helps.

      • Ping from Ziggy471:

        I’ll throw together an example for you and others, not too difficult.

        Every little bit helps, keeps the compiling juice from running out…..i.e. beer. lol

        • Ping from Ziggy471:

          Just create a file named something like ’01undervolt’ under /system/etc/init.d, make sure to make it executable, ie. 755. As long as your ROM supports run-parts, then it’ll run on boot. Include a line for each freq/voltage you want to change like below, and yes Calkulin, I stole this example from you.

          if [ -e /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/vdd_levels ]; then
          echo ‘128000 900’ > /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/vdd_levels
          echo ‘245000 900’ > /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/vdd_levels

          • Ping from PhilE08:

            Awesome, thanks!

            That’s much easier than I imagined. I just did a blanket undervolt to all the frequencies, and so far it seems ok. It’s only one line, but that way I don’t have to remember to do it everytime.

            As soon as I’m absolutely sure the undervolt I did is stable, I’ll add the script in there.

            If I plan to change kernels, should I remove the script before I do? This isn’t something that gets overwritten with a new kernel, is it?

          • Ping from Ziggy471:

            If you change kernels, and it doesn’t have the sysfs vdd interface, then nothing will happen. That’s what the -e is for, it checks to see if the file exists first.

          • Ping from PhilE08:

            Thanks, that’s what I figured. I just thinking more if it did support it and the kernel was undervolted more than that this one, making the voltages I used now unstable.

            I’ll keep that in mind though when I do change kernels.

  17. Ping from rahul.pillai:

    Hey Ziggy, I am assuming that this does not work with Gingerbread based ROM’s? I am currently on Oxygen2.0-RC5

    Tried BFS and CFS for Bravo GSM and it boots alright but the screens turns non-responsive and reboots.


    • Ping from Ziggy471:

      My initial tests of functionality for AOSP was in Gingerbread. However, I have an Incredible and not a Bravo, so I can’t test to see why it’s not working correctly. I’ve added in what needs to be there for it to work, but I guess it’s not.

      I’ll see what I can figure out.

  18. Ping from MadDogMaddux:

    Just to clarify, I’ve updated all radios on my Evo to go with Myn’s RLS5. Will this latest kernel play nice? I’m assuming that since it supports the latest MR it wi, but wanted to ask prior to flashing.

    Second: the Nov5 kernel rocked on my Evo, if I go back to it, will it play nice with the newer radios as well?

  19. Ping from cavediver:

    I just had a random reboot on my evo with the cfs version. Log indicated battery was pulled which it wasn’t.

  20. Ping from Philyteach:

    Ziggy, I don’t know if you threw that tun in there specifically for me when I asked on the last beta kernel, but THANK YOU! I really needed it.

  21. Ping from Shawn K.:

    BFS on Evo r3 is definitely giving me wakelock.
    I flashed the prior release of BFS to double check and wakelock was gone.

  22. Ping from Aaron:

    First time ive had constant reboots with any of your kernels. I was on an SBC kernel but after reading the risks i went back to you latest kernel release. CFS Evo. Just today ive seen three reboots. Once when deleting messages on Handcent, once while opening web browser, and the other it just happened on its own. Using AVA Z1 Rom.

  23. Ping from D Ward:

    Just encountered first issue after getting home. Was reading some posts on tweetdeck went to home screen to turn wifi on. After pushing wifi (power settings widget) phone rebooted and is now stuck in bootloop.

  24. Ping from Moozilla:

    Thanks for the update Ziggy! I’ve been running Calk’s rom exclusively and was waiting for this update (have tried your previous releases and dabbled with net and sbc kernels too)

    Like other commenters, this is the first time I’ve experienced problems with a kernel.
    -First attempt got me infinite boot loop
    -Second attempt: tried full wipe fresh rom flash then kernel flash, resulted in successful boot but then lock up while I was texting followed by a reboot.
    -Third attempt was full wipe and rom flash with re-downloaded kernel. This boot looped twice then loaded fine, until I just saw it reboot on it’s own on my desk at which point I decided to post here!

    Calk 1.7.5 stock
    Evo CFS Beta 010211
    Latest Radio Package (11/19)
    HW ver. 03
    HBoot 2.02
    Amon 1.8

  25. Ping from

    Donated. Gave you enough so you can get some semi-decent compiler juice to get you past your Evo woes. Not that I care a lick. I am on an Inc which is running great.

  26. Ping from rahul.pillai:

    Thanks Ziggy, will wait… for a version that works on Bravo – Gingerbread…

  27. Ping from VisedMonk:

    I see some are having problems with your laterst CFS evo kernel, but for me it is running silky smooth.

    I flashed Calk’s latest EViO rom (v1.7.6), which has your latest release baked in (I flashed the kernel independently yesterday with his v1.7.5 rom). And, like I said yesterday, I’ve also undervolted it by -.15 using Calk’s script. Things are smooth for me with your kernel. My phone lags slightly when waking up from sleep, but think that’s because Calk reduced the clock speed in sleep to 128 rather than leaving it at 245 or 384. I should be able to fix the lag that way.

    I haven’t had any problems with screen tearing, and my cameras, wifi, bt, and gps all work. I can’t test 4G though because I’m not in a 4G area.

  28. Ping from Aaron:

    After a few hrs of use. I havent gotten a reboot I lowered the set cpu to 1036. Looks like it’s an over clock issue. Using cfs for the evo. 47% battery 13hrs unplug moderate use.

  29. Ping from Tim:

    Anyone running this on Warm rls4 with CFS? I see lots of issues posted with Warm, seems like people using EviO are doing OK though…

  30. Ping from Redcat:

    Does this kernel have any variation of HAVS?

    • Ping from Ziggy471:

      No it does not. I opted to use the sysfs vdd interface, which doesn’t play nice with HAVS.

      • Ping from Redcat:

        Ziggy, thanks. I seem to recall asking the same question last time, and gotten the same answer. I will know better in the future 🙂

        I’m getting good results on my rev 003 with this kernel, but I miss the volume boost. I installed net’s 4.3 more havs cfs nosbc earlier this morning. The device dose seem to have a bit more pep, but im sure i’ll be paying the price in battery life. If I had to compare, i’d say yours took sips, his takes slightly larger sips.

  31. Ping from Shawn K.:

    I really don’t understand…am I the only one experiencing wakelock issues?

    I flashed CFS (on Evo) to see if that also had wakelock and it seems to…is everyone just getting that much better performance/battery that wakelock isn’t bothering anyone?

  32. Ping from MercuryTangent:

    Yeah, 100% wake time on CFS. Not sure if it’s the kernel or the ROM I’m using, so I’m doing some tests.

  33. Ping from dccoh:

    Been reading trying to find out, so thought i’d just ask.

    Does this kernel have both the default governor as Smartass, and a screenoff profile built in? If so, what cpu speed does it do during the screenoff?

    Trying to not have to use setcpu if i dont have to 🙂 Thanks Z!

    • Ping from Ziggy471:

      Smartass is the default, screen-off 128-245, screen on, 128-998. If you want to overclock, all you’d have to do is have an init script echo the OC speed to /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/scaling_max_freq on boot.

      Next release will I’ll make sure I do a full feature list, so people don’t have all the questions. I was just being lazy.

  34. Ping from Slice:

    this kernel works for both sense (currently using) AND aosp like cyanogen?

    • Ping from Ziggy471:

      It definitely works for sense, and ‘should’ work for AOSP.

    • Ping from

      I decided to live on the wild side and try CM6.1 this weekend. Just to be a little crazier, I loaded Ziggy’s kernel a little bit ago and it “seems” to run just fine.

      • Ping from Ziggy471:

        Glad to hear it, keep me informed as to how it performs.

        • Ping from

          Will do. I’ll be on CM at least for the next few days. I like the ROM, but I am having some issue with the eMail app pegging the CPU (and just general CPU usage even at idle) with an ActiveSync connection. So if I can’t resolve that, I will have to pony up for Touchdown, or revert to a Sense ROM.

          The pegging does not appear to be kernel related as it does it on the 3 I’ve tried.

        • Ping from

          OK… couple things don’t seem to work. The first doesn’t really seem to hurt anything, but in Settings -> About phone, it shows “Unavailble” for WiFi MAC address. Though WiFi works fine (I use WiFi most of the day).

          The other is that Bluetooth does not work. I can enable Bluetooth and it turns on. But it won’t let me assign the device name, nor does it see any devices. In fact, if I tap “Scan”, weird stuff happens. Like it pauses and my phone shifted to vibrate only. It actually paused in other places in the Bluetooth menu’s too. To confirm, I installed invisiblek #28, and Bluetooth appears to work with that.

          Other than that, everything seems just fine so far.

  35. Ping from dccoh:

    Thanks for the info Ziggy about the default governor and screen off – on profiles.

    Do the screen off and screen on profiles require the use of Smartass? Or lets say I use Setcpu just to set the governor to OnDemand and nothing more, would it auto apply those screen off-on profiles still?

  36. Ping from eric:

    Hey ziggy, I’ve been using your kernels for a while, and I love them. Do you have any plans on making a Myn evo rls 5 specific one? Sorta like how you made a Evio specific one for Calkulin.


  37. Ping from Vince:

    Been using this kernel for the Incredible since release date.Everything is quick and runs smooth. The only issue I have noticed is sometimes it take two swipes to unlock the phone. I’ll try throttling the min from 128 to 245. Other than that, best kernel so far. Thanks.

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  39. Ping from Vince:

    The version that I am currently using is (BETA Kernel Inc BFS 2 Jan 11), increasing the min to 245 has helped with the (double swipe) unlock issue.

  40. Ping from keaton:

    just flashed cfs kernel for evo running kings unleashed r5 with spb shell 3d launcher running fast even with 11 screens thanks ziggy

  41. Ping from keaton:

    also didn’t have to restore titanium backup!

  42. Ping from shocking news:

    shocking news…

    […] | Beta Kernel 2 Jan 11[…]…

  43. Ping from Sue Brannam:

    Just want to say thanx so much for posting these Kings Unleashed R5 kernel downloads, I have searched hjgh n low for any type of kernel info with no luck until now! Thanx again!!

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