Beta Kernel 17 Dec 10

Updated Android USB Gadget drivers, Thanks Freddie for pointing that one out and testing the fix
Finally built BFS kernels

BETA Kernel Bravo BFS 17 Dec 10 (330 downloads)
BETA Kernel Bravo CFS 17 Dec 10 (333 downloads)
BETA Kernel Evo BFS 17 Dec 10 (427 downloads)
BETA Kernel Evo CFS 17 Dec 10 (503 downloads)
BETA Kernel Inc BFS 17 Dec 10 (355 downloads)
BETA Kernel Inc CFS 17 Dec 10 (320 downloads)




  1. Ping from Djzager:

    I just want to say thank you for your work on this, and supporting the Evo. Awesome work, Merry Christmas.

    • Ping from Ziggy471:

      No problem, I actually enjoy it most days. I only started to support the Evo because of friends I made during the Touch Pro2 days, like DarkLord, Tweety, and Mikee.

      I started supporting the Bravo for similar reason, Mr. X and Mighty Mike, the top Touch Pro2 chefs, who became really good friends of mine.

      Merry Christmas to you too.

  2. Ping from Daryl:

    Awesome thanks… Any chance of an aosp kernel?

    • Ping from Ziggy471:

      As soon as I’m happy with this beta kernel, then yes, I’ll start working on AOSP. I was planning on building gingerbread to test it with that, but they Google gods have decided you need 64bit to compile anything past Froyo. This means I need to rebuild my laptop to do the build, or build another build box for it. 🙁

  3. Ping from jason:

    glad u support the evo! great work! it’s even u’re most downloaded kernel! 😉

  4. Ping from

    Running the BFS DInc kernel. So pleased so far I don’t even want to try the CFS version. In my exhaustive 4 hours of testing everything seems to work. 😉

  5. Ping from Terepin:

    What’s the difference between BFS and CFS?

    • Ping from Ziggy471:

      They’re different types of task Schedulers. There’s a big controversy on which one is better. Completely Fair Scheduler (CFS), has been around for quite a while. Brain Fuck Scheduler (BFS) is fairly new. In my opinion, CFS with Autogroup is on par with BFS, at least in my tests. But since noone agrees on this point, I compile both.


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  7. Ping from shokker:

    Thank you, finally an INC kernel that will work with android-wired-tether!

  8. Ping from PrfectOne:

    somehow after fully charging, lost 27% battery while the phone was screen off for 4.5 hours.

    SetCPU was set to Conservative governor and had a screen-off profile setting the cpu to 128 min and max.

    Seems odd to have that battery drain. System reported that system standby and wifi were biggest drains at 34% and 33% respectively.

    • Ping from Ziggy471:

      I really don’t know why. But I only use smartass, since it handles the screen off already, it goes between 128 and 245, and when screen comes on, it’ll go to 998 to avoid lag. I haven’t used any other governors in a while, I just include them because you guys want them. I have tweaked conservative some, because Calk asked for it, but I don’t think that’s why.

      However, I’ll look into it, since that’s not a good thing.


  9. Ping from PrfectOne:


    I was excited about that too until I read the whole thread and realized it isn’t charging the battery any better or making use of the charge in a better way, it is just changing the way the charge is introduced into the battery. Apparently there is a lot of potential damage to be had just to make that top 10% more accurate. I lost my interest in it.

    Ziggy, if you do incorporate this into a kernel, please maintain a non-tweaked version too.

    • Ping from Ziggy471:

      I’m really not that interested in the battery patches, I think the risk is far greater than the reward. I understand why HTC programmed it the way they did, and I’d have to agree with that decision. If you want that last 10% more accurate, pull the phone off the charger when the light first goes green.


      • Ping from

        This is what I always do anymore. I hardly leave it plugged in overnight, and most kernels will hold 95+ for awhile. The worst case is overnight, or if I am using it while it’s charging that last 10%.

        I’ve had mixed results with kernel with the patches. Sometimes I think they do something… other times I think it was in my head.

  10. Ping from PhilE:

    Someone found a way to get more points of touch on the incredible. Maybe you would want to add this in to the inc kernels?

    • Ping from Ziggy471:

      That’s nothing new, we’ve known about T9[14] for awhile now, it’s even been in my INC kernels for awhile too. With that said, it doesn’t work on the INC, at least I can’t figure out why not. It’s the same thing the evo guys have been using for some time now.

      I opted not to change the board-incredible file like he did, I choose the ffolks method, which is changing the atmel.c, the touchscreen driver.


  11. Ping from jez:

    Ziggy mate… big big fan. Can you just make it so that headphones come up on boot….then its ready for release…


  12. Ping from Kevin:


    Using your latest with Myn’s Warm TwoPointTwo and latest Radios (PRI 1.77) so being new to the fully custom setup (was running rooted stock), have a question about battery life. I have tried various charging tricks and cleared stats,etc.. but wondering what might I expect over time. Seems I’m getting faster drain than I did with your 14th beta. Oh using CFS version.

    Other than that phone seems snappy.

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