BETA Kernel 5 Dec 10

Sorry I didn’t get these out earlier, daughter’s car had the serpentine belt come off, and it was a PIA to try and get back on, finally gave up, to damn cold out to work on it in a mall parking lot.  Why do car engineers design cars that can’t be worked on easily anymore???

Fixed the smartass governor, it’s now built in, screwed up the Makefile on that one, ooops.
2 Builds for each platform

CFS w/ auto process group scheduling
BFS 357

More code cleanup, removing compiler warnings

As soon as I’m happy with how things are running, I’ll updated my github, until then, I’m working way too much on the code to constantly updated github, sorry guys, you’ll just have to wait for the source code.  That’s why I’ve asked for the XDA threads not to be updated quite yet.  Thanks for your understanding and patience.


BETA Kernel Bravo BFS 5 Dec 10 (647 downloads)
BETA Kernel Bravo CFS 5 Dec 10 (626 downloads)
BETA Kernel Evo BFS 5 Dec 10 (793 downloads)
BETA Kernel Evo CFS 5 Dec 10 (1057 downloads)
BETA Kernel Inc BFS 5 Dec 10 (697 downloads)
BETA Kernel Inc CFS 5 Dec 10 (600 downloads)


  1. Ping from gmk:

    Will integrated tether ap work in cm6 on this or no?

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    […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by mattyg151, Ziggy 471. Ziggy 471 said: As promised – BETA Kernel 5 Dec 10 – […]

  3. Ping from melethron:

    Just flashed your Bravo Kernel (BFS Rom: RCMixHD 0.14 Data2SD) and found a SERIOUS Bug :

    Screen dosn’t switch back on when power button is pressed… phone seems to be responsive since Power Button is pressed.

    Also performance in quadrant is worse than nov 24 kernel (OC 1113):

    5 dec:

    24 Nov (that kernel is included in RCMixHD btw):

  4. Ping from melethron:

    should be:

    … phone seems to be responsive since notification LED is flashing

    • Ping from Ziggy471:

      Sorry, thought I finally fixed that issue, Jugs pointed it out to me. Guess this is why I’m still calling it beta. It’s difficult working on a phone you don’t own. I’ll get it figured out soon enough.

      The difference in quads could be ’cause I didn’t undervolt this kernel. You however can undervolt it to test, check the link in yesterday’s post for sqn-‘s sysfs undervolt info.


      • Ping from melethron:

        Well i’ll test your next Kernel and report. I also could send you a logcat if you need one (do you get my mail address if i post here?).

        • Ping from Ziggy471:

          I sent you an email yesterday with a link for a new test. As long as your using your valid email when you comment, I see those.


          • Ping from melethron:

            Oh… i did get that mail but missed it ….

            I’ll test it but i need to recreate my SD-ext partition first then modify and flash a ROM first so this may take time.

            I messed up with a HAVS Kernel an OC and got a freeze.

            Well and data2sd+journaling disabled+battery pull = mess 😉

            If you need testing you can send me an email anytime. I’ll do some testing if i have time.

  5. Ping from Richkid:

    Z, can you increase the clock table? I want to clock past 1190…. I’ll donate if you can make that possible.


  6. Ping from glockliberty:

    I’m testing your BETA Kernel Evo CFS 5 Dec 10.

    I’d love to give you some feedback, but I don’t know the best place to do it! I was linked here by myn in his warm 2.2 thread.

    I am running warm rls 4, and I loved the kernel you had made for that rom when I was using the warm beta, but after I upgraded to the final release, it started behaving completely differently. I had to switch kernels.

    So far this one seems to be reacting quite well with my phone. Today will be my first full charge/discharge though. I will report back.

  7. Ping from subminimal:

    Running myn rls 4 on my evo with the cfs 12/5 kernel set to interactive. Had a random reboot this morning. Since the reboot, mobile data connection seemed to hang in a connecting status – eventually showed connected but internet wouldn’t load a page. Turned 4g on and was able to get connectivity. Turned 4g off and back to no connectivity and 3g showing connected again. Reboot and 3g connectivity re-established. (not suggesting sure it is a kernel issue but thought I would mention in case)

    Been using several iterations of your evo kernels (almost all since the 10/23 release) and would love to provide any feedback that would be useful. I’m going to switch over to the BFS 12/5 version and see what kind of fun I can have. Thanks.

  8. Ping from PrfectOne:

    The Linpack and quad numbers are the best I’ve seen yet on VaelPak 2.3a (EVO) using the smartass gov but I too am seeing the random screen-outtages and reboots. No pattern I can tell except it won’t wake from sleep and can take 20+ mins to correct itself with a reboot.

  9. Ping from PrfectOne:

    oh, and I am using the cfs kernel since bfs has typically been jerky for me using Vael.

  10. Ping from akzabam:

    Using the BFS version with myn’s warm on the Evo – had the issue where the screen wouldn’t turn back on, too. It seemed stable and very smooth, though.

  11. Ping from Gmaine02:

    Been running evo cfs dec 5th and I have not had any issues,no screen wake issues no rebooting,nada.awesome work ziggy.looking forward to your kernel coming out of beta.

  12. Ping from DaLoof:

    Will there be a UV’ed version of this kernel? And does this beta still have 128mhz active like 11/24?

  13. Ping from PhilE:

    Been running this kernel since you put it out and I’ve only had one issue with it.

    My WiFi won’t scan other than the first time its turned on. I have it set to remember my home network so it’ll automatically connect when I get home. But that doesn’t happen. It doesn’t even realize its in range, the list if available networks will show it as “out of range” and will list networks that I’m not around anymore.

    If I turn the WiFi off and on, it’ll scan and connect to my home network if I’m on range. But only when I first turn the WiFi on.

    I compared against your 11/24 kernel and it would scan normally, then I flashed this one again and it would act as above.

  14. Ping from mlmob:

    Ziggy, great work so far, I’m running the cfs evo build and only oddity I’ve seen thus far is FCs with the market (not sure if related, running calk’s evio 2 with setcpu using conservative gov). Willing to test anytime, or if I can provide you more info, let me know.

  15. Ping from learniiburn:

    Heya all! Been running your Dec. 5th Beta CFS EVO Kernel on mYn’s Warm 2.2 ROM and so far so good. It’s my second full day on it, and I haven’t run into any issues besides normal 4G problems. Been curious to try some different governors like smarts on it also. All around smooth kernel, and I think battery life is great on it. Gonna play more with SetCPU and flex around. Is 128mhz min an ok speed to go down too with screen off? Seems lower than the 245mhz people usually set as min. Just curious. Great kernel so far, sticking with it! Cheers!

    • Ping from PhilE:

      I haven’t tried it in with any recent kernels, but when I first rooted my Incredible, at 128mhz with the screen off, I would sometimes miss calls. The phone wouldn’t start responding in time for me to answer, it would usually I just couldn’t answer it…If you have another phone around you could test it out though.

      • Ping from DaLoof:

        128 mhz isn’t active in this kernel like it was in his 11/24 build. If you change any setting in setcpu to 128 mhz then it will not do anything unless you force it by setting a 128-128 profile. And that will cause the phone to become unresponsive like PhilE said.

        If you want 128 mhz then use the 11/24 kernel. Ziggy seems to have perfected it in that one. Somehow he managed to get it to automatically use 128 when screen off but stay responsive by kicking it up to 245 mhz when needed.

        I wish he released a version of this beta like that 🙁

  16. Ping from Richard:

    Using the Evo BFS kernel on Myn Warm2.2. Works pretty good but I had one random reboot yesterday and was sluggish on reboot and then a total freeze today as I was trying to post here. Not a proficient android user but if someone tells me how to pull logs or reports I will send them to you. Also I have no problems using a 128/128 sleep profile; it has only crashed or rebooted while i was using the phone.

    • Ping from Richard:

      Maybe I spoke too soon. Today, has proven to be a bad day for Evo and Ziggy kernel. Several total crashes where I had to pull the battery. Will try a wipe and reflash. And as for the 128mhz setting, the smartass scaling will never use it unless forced as a profile, but the other scaling patterns will use it. Somehow after I reflashed, setcpu had it set to 128-1190mhz and powersave scaling and it just stuck on 128mhz making the phone nearly unusable. I then tested the other scaling settings and they seemed to work fine. Word of advice; Never use 128mhz and powersave.

      • Ping from PhilE:

        Just FYI, powersave is like the opposite of the performance setting. It’ll force the clock speed to the lowest setting and stay there. Sounds like you already figured that out though. It’s not a problem with the kernel or anything, that’s how it’s supposed to work.

        It’s really only useful for a screen off profile, I think it’s better than setting the max lower. But Since the smartass governor scales down with the screen off already (I think) I don’t even bother with profiles anymore.

  17. Ping from Persnlmgr:

    Been using the 12/5 EVO CFS for 5 days. LOVE IT!!! (With SetCPU set to smartass, and no profiles)

    Not one single issue. Awesome battery. Period.

    Warm2.2 R4, HW0003

  18. Ping from mshnayde:

    So far have been happy with it. Running great. Good battery life. No resets or anything yet.
    Not running SetCPU as it seems that things are built into the code already. Have never been a fan of SetCpu as it seems to make things worse than better. Open to suggestions though. I am not sure if there are some specific settings that work well with Ziggy.

  19. Ping from bill bragg:

    Def getting some resets and lag on myn 2.2 rls4

  20. Ping from Abstract:

    The kernel (cfs for evo )seems to work fine most of the time. Unfortunately my gps doesn’t work on it. I also got one random reboot after installing. Any solutions to get gps to work?

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