Ziggy471 Incredible/Incredible AOSP/EVO/Bravo Kernels (Updated 26 Oct)

Just to clarify, the Bravo Kernels are for GSM ONLY

they were developed for and tested by Mr. X.

The 1.28GHz was not real, for more information, click here.


Overclocking capped at 1.19GHz

Removed a config option that used more battery while the screen was one, oooops, left that in from testing.

Hopefully fixed that FC for some Sprint users, the hosts file I included blocked a few sprint IPs.

A few other tweaks here and there.

[KERNEL] Ziggy471 Droid Incredible 26 Oct (1069 downloads)
[KERNEL] Ziggy471 Droid Incredible AOSP 26 Oct (1422 downloads)
[KERNEL] Ziggy471 EVO 26 Oct (1503 downloads)
[KERNEL] Ziggy471 Bravo 26 Oct (783 downloads)

767106acda2f4a58d9721179d494d634 Ziggy471Kernel-INC-update_signed-10262010-0507.zip
76945775c65283efb7ef504d9a1f5459 Ziggy471Kernel-INC-AOSP-update_signed-10262010-0508.zip
c43a47473f40c8b3cc42b2d1723d2f77  Ziggy471Kernel-EVO-update_signed-10262010-0508.zip
8d7cd7e9d7f79d6526713fdf6e2a8b50  Ziggy471Kernel-BRAVO-update_signed-10262010-0509.zip



  1. Ping from Brendan:

    Wow Ziggy, keep up the great work! This is by far the best kernel I have used on my EVO yet!

  2. Ping from Rahul:

    Ziggy, Bravo = HTC Desire correct? Will this work on GSM version?

  3. Ping from Mr. X:

    Yes it is for the GSM Desire

  4. Ping from Broquen:

    Tried to test it on AuraxTSense 7.8.1 ROM but stucks on splash screen 🙁

  5. Ping from Tilde88:

    Mr. X:

    Yes it is for the GSM Desire

    JUGGGZZZ lol sup

  6. Ping from Panama:

    I tried this after also wiping all caches and like Broquen it loops on the splash screen

  7. Ping from Mr. X:

    hmmmmmmmmm, i have never once had a no booter. i wonder if its residual modules.

  8. Ping from Mr. X:

    Make sure you are getting the correct kernel

  9. Ping from Michael:

    Hey is their any way you can make a ASOP kernel? Using yours on Myns and it f*ing rocks. Thanks in advance.

  10. Ping from Broquen:

    I tried day 22 and 26 bravo kernels, but with same results.
    On the other hand both run sweet on MT4G ported ROM.
    I like a lot this kernel. It seems to be very quick and rock solid and would love to have it on my usual ROM (AuraxTSense) 🙂 Now I’m seriously running out of ideas… :/

  11. Ping from Oijkn:

    Hi thanks for this great mod of Kernel but it doesn’t work for me, I’m under AuraxTSense 7.9 with Richardtrip Kernel V5 and all work well. After to have flashed my phone with your “[KERNEL] Ziggy471 Bravo 26 Oct” my Desire stay freeze in the splash boot and don’t want to boot…then i have re flashed my phone with richardtrip kernel and all is good again.

    Can you help me or what I’m doing wrong ?

    Regards, Oijkn.

  12. Ping from Ken:

    The previous Evo kernels did not have ADB access. I don’t know if you knew or not. Otherwise nice kernels. However, I can use them till you support ADB. 🙁

  13. Ping from Dozeboy:

    Will you plz make an AOSP kernel for the evo?

  14. Ping from shizume:

    Ok kernel seems to have ads now. 24 or 23 blocks out ads. But even with using ads free and ads us still showing up…..

  15. Ping from Jerry Lange:

    thanks for this! hopefully this will help with my battery life by A LOT

  16. Ping from isaac:

    keeps freezing my incredible. im going back to hydrakernal…

  17. Ping from Joe:

    Bluetooth isn’t working on rc2 cyanogen.

  18. Ping from Joe:


  19. Ping from James:

    Works great, except Wifi is broken on my Incredible.

    • Ping from Ardax:

      That’s because the bcm4329.ko kernel module isn’t installed. At least, that’s probably what it is, because the kernel modules didn’t get installed at all on my Incredible. (for the AOSP kernel on some recent CyanogenMod nightly)

      After installing the modules by hand, WiFi started working.

  20. Ping from Ardax:

    Which undervolt module is required for a Droid Incredible using this kernel?

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