Ziggy’s Backup and Restore Application Version Information

Since there is still some confusion as to where I’m going with this application, I figured I’d lay it out.

Here are my plans so far:
0.3.X: Finish the export routines
0.4.X: Add in the backing up of files, with the ability to select ones that were not cooked into the ROM.
0.5.X: Restore functionality in the GUI.
0.6.X: Move to Native Code, i.e. Faster execution as opposed to faster development.
0.7.x – 1.0: Add command line support to allow ZBR to be cooked into a ROM as a backup and restore solution. It will also replace the ‘Clear Storage’ link so that it will prompt the user to do a backup, since I tend to forget prior to a Hard Reset.


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  1. Ping from Rick:

    I’d love to see the restore function before the ability to backup files. There are other apps out there that can handle that but nothing like what you have with the retore of registry keys. Thanks for your hard work.

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