Useful Software

After chatting with Purian the other day, I came up with a list of some useful software that I use.  It’s just a list of freeware software that I have found over the years that is very useful and in some instances better than the commercial.

Alright, first off, NEVER DISABLE User Access Control in Vista or 7.  I know the pop-ups can be annoying at times, but it’ll save you from a lot of nasty viruses.  Below is a list of software I personally use, to include putting in the baseline of the machines I maintain for my guys at work, who take them to some not so nice places.  If there is another type of software that I didn’t list below, let me know, I’ve probably already got a good one somewhere.

Virus Software – Avast Home Free (
Firewall – Comodo Internet Security Suite, free one (

Install just the firewall, not the virus or defense+

File Erasing Software – Eraser 5.8.8, don’t use version 6 (

I still delete stuff to the recycle bin, if I don’t need it, I eraser the recycle bin, 1 pass pseudo-random is good enough
If you’re using Vista or 7, change C:WindowsSystem32eraserl.exe to run as administrator, if you don’t it has issues erasing shortcuts and such.

General cleaning – CCleaner, stands for Crap Cleaner (
Recover Deleted files – Recuva (
Spyware removal – SpyBot Search and Destroy (
Registry Cleaner – Auslogics Registry Cleaner (
Registry Defrag – Auslogics Registry Defrag, not free anymore, but I have one that is
Disk Defrag – Auslogics Disk Defrag (
FTP Software – Filezilla (
Image Editing Software – GIMP, kinda like Photoshop, but free (
Office Software – Open Office (
Codec Pack – K-Lite Codec pack, even has a decent player bundled in  (
Audio Editing Software – Audacity (
DVD Authoring software – DeVeDe (
DVD Ripping software – Handbrake (
Encryption Software – Truecrypt (
Compression Software – 7-Zip (

Virtual CD Rom Drive – MagicIso Virtual CD/DVD-ROM (

Allows you to mount an iso, instead of burning it to disk

Update checker for most of this software – File Hippo Update Checker (


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