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Date postedFebruary 21, 2010
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This version currently exports the following:

•Email account settings
•Exchange account settings
•Communication Planner settings (i.e. Connection timeouts, HKLM\Comm\ConnMgr\Planner\Settings)
•VPN Settings
•Basic Owner information to include:
•The ‘Me’ Contact card
•Facebook account information
•Default Ringtone
•ActiveSync Settings
•Bluetooth Pairings
•Manila Tabs with order
•Home tab quick links


  1. Comment by Mike:

    Still not able to restore, I install the program to my storage card, back up everything, install another ROM, install your software again, go to the restore tab and it’s just blank. Not sure if I’m doing something wrong here?

  2. Comment by Mike:

    On the latest Mighty Rom official release this program hangs on the last export.

  3. Comment by Tedd:

    I’m a noob so excuse this question, what is in the \Windows\*manila files? Can I expect a full back of email, contacts, programs, settings, etc?

    • Comment by Ziggy471:

      No, *manila files control how Manila, HTC’s interface, operates. I was just playing around testing if I could determine what was cooked into the ROM and what was not, and figured people like Santod and Purian could use such an app, hence why I wrote it.


  4. Comment by Mike:

    Sorry, I didn’t see the update.
    Thanks for the fix!

  5. Comment by Tedd:

    We know the Manila files will not back up your emails, contacts, programs, etc… but I assume your back up program does that?

  6. Comment by Andrew Curtis:

    Where does this backup to? I can’t find any files on my SD card? Trinity…!

  7. Comment by Eric:

    Will the facebook tab work on the new standard VZW 6.5 ROM that has sense 2.5?

  8. Comment by MercuryTangent:

    The new Ziggy kernel for Evo is causing Titanium Backup not to work properly. Is there a fix for this? The kernel is blindingly fast and I would like to make it my daily driver.

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  10. Comment by cadbomb:

    10.26 kernel for EVO also breaks Titanium Backup. Confirmed with full wipe and reload. Changed back to stock kernel on EVO and restored fine… Any ideas? Kernel .24 issue, or TB issue?

  11. Comment by Michael:

    Is their any way possible to get an ASOP kernel? Im using yours on Myns and it f*ing rocks.

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  13. Comment by Paul:

    Hi Ziggy. When i try to use the zbr backup & restore app, the restore tab says “Not Implemented Yet!!”. how would i restore my settings??

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  15. Comment by erik:

    hey well im trying ot download the desire z rom for my droid incredible and it leads me here but i cant find it any help ?

  16. Comment by SiGuy11:

    First off I just want to thank you for all your since your kernels seem to work best for me. I’m on the Evo 4g and no matter which custom rom I’m usuing I usually get the best results from your kernel that you made for warmpointtwo rls 4. I downloaded it off xda under myns thread but cant find any info on its specs. The kernel version is [email protected] # 16. Wondering what are the specs? BFS? HAVS? And if there you have anything similar to it to suggest I try? Again thanks a ton!

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  19. Comment by rosser:

    How good is the battery life on this kernel?

  20. Comment by chris:

    LOVING everything about the kernel, esp. compared to random reboots on a variety of Anthrax kernels w/Myn and Eternity. Brilliant work!

    ONE ISSUE: no matter what I do (Synergy optimizations, etc.) I absolutely cannot get apps to xfer to EXT4 suing Myn’s Warm 2.3. Not a real concern in terms of internal space, but would love to experiment with how apps on EXT4 affects Evo3D performance in a rom that otherwise works great for me.

    If you have a minute! Thanks!

  21. Comment by John Shaft:

    patiently awaiting rezound kernel….

  22. Comment by Doug:

    I am looking for initramfs download for compiling my Thunderbolt Kernel.

  23. Comment by Brandt:

    Hi, im kinda new to this. I was wondering which Kernel i would download and install for a HTC Thunderbolt, Rooted, and Running Sky Raider’s Rom….. I’m looking for better battery life as my main priority and performance as my second priority. Much Thanks in advance!

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